As you may know, whiplash is most commonly caused from having been in a car accident.  But it can also occur from slips, falls, or even sports injuries.  Whiplash occurs when the head is abruptly moved in any direction and the muscles, ligaments and tendons supporting the neck and head get sprained or strained.  The spinal discs can bulge.  The spine can be forced out of alignment, reducing range-of-motion.  And the spinal nerve roots in the neck can get stretched and irritated.

The consequence of whiplash injuries can be neck pain, upper back pain, pain or numbness radiating into the arms or hands, reduced ability to turn and bend, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, and even low back pain.  Symptoms typically start three to five days after the whiplash injury, but sometimes as the body attempts to adapt, the symptoms may not appear for weeks or even months.

Dr. Anderson has treated thousands of patients with this type of injury over the years.  His treatment approach is to use specific chiropractic adjustments, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, infrared heat, intersegmental traction, and/or massage therapy to help return normal spinal function.  After a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Anderson will recommend a series of visits to help restore proper motion and position of the spinal bones.  If caught early enough, inflammation can be reduced and scar tissue can often be minimized.

If you have been in a recent car accident or know someone who has, call our office immediately at 704-549-1181.


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